Employment Services:

With over 20 years of experience in providing employment services for local residents and businesses, NBDC is particularly well-qualified to address the employment challenges of the present economic crisis. NBDC’s awareness of the changing industrial and commercial landscape in North Brooklyn, as well as its ongoing relationships with local residents, has allowed it to effectively match the needs of both employers and job-seekers in the area. In this way, NBDC believes that not only will local businesses benefit from better access to a well-screened labor pool, but locally-employed residents will be in a better position to patronize local businesses, thus creating a virtuous cycle of economic development.

The 2005 rezoning of the North Brooklyn waterfront has radically transformed the pattern of business and industry in the area, and thus the opportunities for local employment. With the emergence of new artisanal industries (in the Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center, for example), new shops and boutiques, and new bars and restaurants, new possibilities for employment are becoming available. Particularly in the new economic climate of employment scarcity, NBDC is committed to matching the requirements of neighborhood employers with the skills and qualifications of our residents, to create the conditions for sustainable local economic development.